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Level Up Your Natural Lash & Brow Look!

Expertly-styled lashes and brows can make all the difference in highlighting your natural features and boosting your confidence. At Jask Salon and Day Spa, we understand the transformative power of fabulous lashes and brows. Our team of lash and brow professionals provide a range of services designed to enhance your beauty effortlessly.

Lash Extensions and Lifts

Imagine waking up every morning with voluminous lashes that require no mascara. With our lash extension services, this dream can become a reality. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or dramatic length, our team will customize the perfect set for you. For those seeking a more natural lift, our lash lifts curl and lift your natural lashes, providing a wide-eyed look that lasts for weeks.

Tinting and Lamination

Sparse brows and pale lashes can detract from your overall look. Our tinting services add depth and definition, making your eyes pop without the need for daily makeup. Brow lamination, on the other hand, gives you the full, feathery brows that are always in style. This treatment tames unruly hairs and sets them in place, creating a sleek, polished appearance.

Henna Brows

For a more natural and longer-lasting brow enhancement, consider our henna brows service. Henna tinting stains the skin beneath your brows, filling in gaps and providing a fuller look that can last up to six weeks. This all-natural option is perfect for those who want beautifully defined brows with minimal maintenance.

Your perfect lashes and brows await!

Our team of lash and brow experts - Colleen, Madi, Meg, Noah - assess your individual needs and facial structure, ensuring results that complement your unique features. Plus, we use high-quality products from leading brands such as Supercilium, Refectocil and Elleebana, and advanced techniques to ensure safety and satisfaction, so you can relax knowing you're in skilled hands.

Are you ready to level up your natural lash and brow look? Book your appointment today with one of our lash and brow professionals and experience the Jask Salon and Day Spa difference.


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